Tees are my uniform. I travel around the country and like to get comments on the images on my shirts. Some pictures are ironic and might make me laugh, or others are of people who are unique in their time and art. I started with Brando, I watched Streetcar Named Desire for the 1st time several years ago, and loved the movie, especially Brando's Stanley Kowalski.I thought why not find an image I liked of him. I thought why not celebrate this performance, a little bit of method acting deserved celebrating. I have selected other singularly unique individuals to celebrate on tees. 

I have been experimenting with Cyanotypes for a commercial project. We found it as a way to create images that had a unique visual impact. Cyanotype is an alternative photo process, that dates to the 1840's England. It was most popularly used by architects to create blueprints. It can be printed on an absorbent surface. I started to make tees for myself, then I started making them for friends. I found they were popular with my artist friends around the country. ??????????????????????????????????????